Cozy kitchen - Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Our thanks to Karen Walrond writer from AOL travel blog Gadling.com who has chosen another of our flickr photos as yesterday's Photo of the Day 6.29.09.

Today I've been keeping a close eye on the happenings in Honduras -- it appears that even though military troops have sent President Jose Manuel Zelaya into exile, and there have been a few skirmishes between demonstrators and the Honduran police, the country remains relatively calm. Here's hoping they remain that way.

And in the meantime, take a look at this wonderfully cozy kitchen in a small Mayan village in Honduras, shared by Adal-Honduras. It certainly speaks to peaceful times, doesn't it? Lovely shot. ~Gadling

It is indeed rewarding. We also appreciate our friends at Gadling for helping us project a better image to the world in these moments of uncertainty. We are confident that things will completely return to normal pretty soon.

Honduras’ borders remain open, and the airports remain operative for regularly scheduled flights.  Latest news from Continental Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Airlines stated they continue to operate flights as usual; TACA flights to/from Costa Rica and domestic flights are suspended —since last week but because of different reasons unrelated to latest events. TACA international flights to other destinations are operating as scheduled.

Some information for travelers regarding flights: Passengers traveling with TACA may wish to call +(504) 550-8222 (San Pedro Sula) or +(504) 220-7602 (Tegucigalpa). Those passengers traveling with Continental Airlines may wish to call +(504) 220-0999 (Tegucigalpa), +(504) 557-4141 (San Pedro Sula), or 1-800-231-0856 (United States).  Those traveling with American Airlines may wish to call +(504) 216-4800 (Honduras) or 1-800-433-7300 (United States).  Those traveling with Delta Airlines may wish to call 1-800-791-9000 (United States and Central America) or +(504) 550-1616 (San Pedro Sula).

Our previously selected Gadling Photo of the Day 4.27.09:

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