Carpets of Copan, Honduras


Photo of the day May 19, 2011

If the street above looks a little more colorful than the average road, it’s because the carpet has been rolled out for Semana Santa, or holy week leading up to Easter. The “carpets” are made from colored sawdust and flowers and illustrate the Stations of the Cross. 

There are many reasons to visit Copan in the western region of Honduras, but the procession that will march down this street on Good Friday morning (April 6 in 2012), if you want to start planning) is a big draw; arrive early to admire the “carpets”. Thanks to Flickr user  Adalberto H Vega for capturing them before they got trampled!

Lancetilla Botanical Garden, Tela, Honduras

Lancetilla Botanical Garden, Tela, Honduras


Photo of the Day GADLING.COM Dec 10, 2010

Today’s Photo of the Day is a snapshot of the wonderfully green Lancetilla Botanical Garden near Tela, Honduras. It was taken by Flickr user Adalberto.H.Vega. The Lancetilla Botanical Garden is a massive park founded back in the 1920s by the United Fruit Company as a kind of plant cultivation laboratory. This particular section of the park appears beautifully still and peaceful, a green oasis set apart from life beyond.

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