Why it is Important to Use a Travel Agent

I stumbled upon these on-line readings recently regarding travel, and I decided to share extracts and links that you may find useful:

Ruthanne Terrero the Editorial Director of the Questex Travel Group —which includes Travel Agent magazine, Home-Based Travel Agent, Luxury Travel Advisor, Premier Hotels & Resorts and Premier Spas & Romance— was approached by CNN recently to talk about how consumers can take advantage of the current situation in order to find the best travel deals.

Utila - One of 10 Best Scuba Diving Destinations

Utila, in the Bay Islands, Honduras is one of the 10 best scuba diving destinations, according to OpenTravel  site. Other places include: Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Belize, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Egypt, Thailand, and Maldives.

If hours under the water watching wild and abundant marine life is your type of thing, these are some of the world’s most spectacular dive destinations. Probably you have already visited one or even a few of those locations but I bet there’s at least one place you haven’t yet explored.