Placencia Belize, One of 25 sexiest beaches

From ForbesTraveler.com Placencia Belize.

Jungle birds and iguanas jockey for space with diehard scuba divers and mellow hammock-swingers in this Central American destination. Wedged between sea and lagoon, the crystal cays and lush mangroves of Placencia are an ecological eyeful. The rich fertility of Placencia inspires a tropical sexiness.

Videos of Honduras

The Honduran Institute of Tourism is launching a series of interesting short videos, showing the wonders and must-see places of this tiny but beautiful country. The production is highly professional, and the footage is superb. They are publishing one different every week on Wednesdays.

Please come back weekly, because there is still a lot to come on the next weeks. This week featuring Roatan island:

Meals - Hotel Marina Copan, Honduras

Aren't these dishes delightfully inviting? Part of the regional cuisine of Western Honduras, some samples of what you can enjoy in Copan Ruinas.

Upper left (and clockwise): 1: Breakfast at the Junior Suite's balcony, Hotel Marina Copan. 2: Coffee Flan dessert. 3: Brochetas del Sol (Sun Sheesh Kabob), Fresh marinated cubes of beef and chicken tenders, corn, and vegetables, covered in champignon sauce, plus guacamole, rice and 'tostones' (fried green plantain). 4: Tropical chicken salad: Chicken, champignons, yogurt, celery, spices, served on a pineapple half, plus watermelon.

Some more exquisite delights: