Sunset during spring equinox in Copan

In Copan Archeological Park there is a Ceremonial Court just north of the Temple 4 and the Main Plaza. During the spring equinox, the stelas "F" and "C" in that court, --properly called now "Plaza del Sol" (Plaza of the Sun)-- look pretty much aligned with the sun at sunset, around 5:45pm. You need to make special arrangements with the Archeological Park authorities though, because the Park officially closes at 4pm. Quite an impressive view!

Stela "A" Copan, a photo by Adalberto.H.Vega on Flickr.

Pulhapanzak waterfall

A corta distancia de San Pedro Sula se encuentra la espectacular Catarata de Pulhapanzak, con 43 metros de altura por unos 30 metros de ancho. Se puede bajar al lado de la catarata por un sendero para apreciar la vista de la catarata desde abajo. También puede uno nadar en la piscina natural de arriba de la catarata, (si se atreve) la corriente es bastante fuerte, así que hay que tener cuidado, además de que el agua es muy fría, pero al final lo disfrutará.

After a short drive from San Pedro Sula, the Catarata de Pulhapanzak; this is a very spectacular 43 meter high waterfall with a width of some 30 meters. There is a walkway beside the falls so you are able to walk down and see the view and swim in the pool at the top. Have to be a little careful in the pool since the current is quite strong. After the initial shock of the cold water you will find it very pleasant.